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By Catherine Deen | oK Pop – Tue, May 3, 2011 8:37 AM PHT
2NE1 and Super Junior (Sport Korea)
2NE1 and Super Junior (Sport Korea)
There is no doubt about it, the K-Pop phenomenon has invaded the country. As a supplement to the article I wrote entitled “Why not K-Pop?”, I want to write on the lighter side of the fun-tastic world of K-Pop. So, for all K-Pop fans out there, I offer you five signs that you are a K-Pop addict!

Posters! Your room is filled with countless posters featuring your favorite K-Pop artists. Seems like there’s no more space for a calendar…unless it’s a Big Bang, Girl’s Generation, Super Junior, 2NE1 or “Fill-in-Your-Idol-of-Choice” calendar!

Korean Names! You’ve memorized the seemingly impossible to remember names of the idol group members including the 9 SNSD girls, the 13 (actually 15) Super Junior boys, 6 B2ST boys, among many. You’ve even memorized the names of groups you don’t even like! This is a feat deemed impossible by the uninitiated.

Internet! You faithfully visit streaming websites, K-Pop news blogs, official K-Pop artists sites, and discussion forums to watch your favorite dramas (subtitled in English), read news, and basically discuss and spazz about your favorite artists. You spend at least two hours (or more) daily just surfing the web. I am guessing you probably even started a Twitter account just to follow your favorite K-Pop artist such as “Heedictator”, “JAYBUMAOM”, “taeccool” and many others!

Hangul! With all the dramas, music, and media you’ve seen, you can actually sit through an episode of a drama and listen to a K-Pop song and know what the words mean! Heck, you can even translate the media materials yourself! Well…maybe not yet but you are on your way!

K-Pop Stuff! You don’t really know how it happened but you suddenly incurred a big storage problem. Look around your room, it seems like your K-Pop stuff are all over the place! Still, since you’ve invested your cash already, you are very careful with your stuff. Let me ask you some diagnosis questions: “Did you bubble wrap your favorite CDs, photobooks, and lightstick(s) just to be sure they’re safe from the depreciating effects of sun and moisture?”, “Did you get unbelievably angry when others touched your K-Pop stuff without permission?” and “Did you secretly tell a white lie just to avoid lending your beloved photobook to a friend?”

Well, after reading the list…what is your self diagnosis? Are you a K-Pop addict?


cr: detik.com


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