Let's make a happy things!

Reblog Of Your EXO Number List!

1. EXO-K bias? Park Chanyeol!
2. EXO bias list? Chanyeol > Luhan > Baekhyun > Lay >  Xiumin > Kai > Kris > Suho > Tao > Sehun > D.O > Chen *jeongmal mianhaeyo T_T
3. OTP? BaekYeollll and HunHan
4. Cutest? Lol.okay… honestly Channie~
6. Funniest? Baekhyun & D.O & Chanyeol & Lay
7. Favourite Song? Mama, Angel, 3.6.5, PeterPan, Don’t Go, Miracles in December, and I think all the songs of exo is easy listening ^^)9
8. Best Dancer? Kai and Lay
9. Best Singer? Baekhyun & D.O
10. Favourite EXO Moment? EVERYMOMENT!!! esp when the boys are doing the crazy and awkward things
11. EXO-M bias? Kris > Luhan > Chen

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