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Exo in 30 years time

Exo in 30 years time

Kai- dancing coach

Suho- inspirational speaker/ activist

Thehun- opens own milk company producing milk with only 8g of fat = good milk

Chanyeol- ambassador of Colgate and a self trained dentist

D.o- Korea’s Jamie Oliver with own cooking shows on sbs and arirang. Focusing on fusion of food from various countries. Opens own pasta restaurant, specialises in kimchi cheese pasta.

Baekhyun- opens a fashion Shop with his own line of eye liners.

Tao/xiumin- opens own wushu and teakwondo studio.

Kris- chairman of the department of damaged ovaries in a well known hospital. He is also a regular ambassador for mc Donald’s mc nuggets.

Luhan- opened his own grocery store selling water melons at discounted price, providing d.o with the freshest ingredients everyday for his cooking show.

Lay- has his own tidbit company, selling a great variety of snacks suitable for both young and the old. He bought over the potato chip company “lay’s” after winning the case in which he sued the company for copyright issues.

Chen- chairman of a chain of host clubs aiming to create aka Ito between noonas and the younger males.


[cr: http://krispydoughnut.tumblr.com%5D


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